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Ritsu Kageyama ft. Dimple (Phone Drawing) - MP100 by EnderDurant Ritsu Kageyama ft. Dimple (Phone Drawing) - MP100 :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 4 1 Another Phone Drawing by EnderDurant Another Phone Drawing :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 4 3 Phone Drawing - Mob Psycho 100 by EnderDurant Phone Drawing - Mob Psycho 100 :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 5 2 Deku! (Izuku Midoriya) - Small Animation by EnderDurant Deku! (Izuku Midoriya) - Small Animation :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 10 2 Improvement Meme! June '16 - August '17 by EnderDurant Improvement Meme! June '16 - August '17 :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 2 0 Happy 10th Birthday Hatsune Miku! by EnderDurant Happy 10th Birthday Hatsune Miku! :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 7 2 Cecilia Solberg (Cecile) - Danganronpa OC by EnderDurant Cecilia Solberg (Cecile) - Danganronpa OC :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 2 0 Toraz Takamitsu - Danganronpa OC by EnderDurant Toraz Takamitsu - Danganronpa OC :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 3 5 Peko Pekoyama by EnderDurant Peko Pekoyama :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 3 6 Art Trade with knackmaster77 by EnderDurant Art Trade with knackmaster77 :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 3 2 Happy Birthday Deviantart! (Scribble Challenge) by EnderDurant Happy Birthday Deviantart! (Scribble Challenge) :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 3 4 Tsukan Tsusina (Danganronpa OC) by EnderDurant Tsukan Tsusina (Danganronpa OC) :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 3 0 Sketchy Izuku Midoriya by EnderDurant Sketchy Izuku Midoriya :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 8 3 Seiko Kimura - Palette Request by EnderDurant Seiko Kimura - Palette Request :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 9 4 Super Danganronpa 2 Shipping Meme by EnderDurant Super Danganronpa 2 Shipping Meme :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 2 0 Danganronpa 1 Shipping Meme by EnderDurant Danganronpa 1 Shipping Meme :iconenderdurant:EnderDurant 1 0


Horror Game Theme Adopts (Paypal and Points:OPEN) by Astrum-Adopts Horror Game Theme Adopts (Paypal and Points:OPEN) :iconastrum-adopts:Astrum-Adopts 23 14 Chibi Mami Tomoe by colorfulkitten Chibi Mami Tomoe :iconcolorfulkitten:colorfulkitten 21 4 Chibi Madoka Kaname by colorfulkitten Chibi Madoka Kaname :iconcolorfulkitten:colorfulkitten 130 22 Just a machine full of moving parts by zarla Just a machine full of moving parts :iconzarla:zarla 1,630 128 So I tried to design another outfit by Kondork-The-Great So I tried to design another outfit :iconkondork-the-great:Kondork-The-Great 4 0 I'm a thief damnit (+ speedpaint) by Kondork-The-Great I'm a thief damnit (+ speedpaint) :iconkondork-the-great:Kondork-The-Great 7 0 Mikami Kokoro by NoImNotObsessed Mikami Kokoro :iconnoimnotobsessed:NoImNotObsessed 11 4 Midoriya by XxShio-ChanxX Midoriya :iconxxshio-chanxx:XxShio-ChanxX 23 2 225 papers by TomatoStyles 225 papers :icontomatostyles:TomatoStyles 89 13 WIP Villain!Midoriya and Ochaco // MHA by Cloudy-Quill WIP Villain!Midoriya and Ochaco // MHA :iconcloudy-quill:Cloudy-Quill 11 0 Just A Little Rain by hannamii Just A Little Rain :iconhannamii:hannamii 92 16 Red Umbrella by hannamii Red Umbrella :iconhannamii:hannamii 84 32 [BnHA Oc] Hotaru Yamamoto by hannamii [BnHA Oc] Hotaru Yamamoto :iconhannamii:hannamii 85 29 Sunset by hannamii Sunset :iconhannamii:hannamii 76 8 [AT]: Tenixia by hannamii [AT]: Tenixia :iconhannamii:hannamii 52 6 [AT]: ragesiren by hannamii [AT]: ragesiren :iconhannamii:hannamii 52 9




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Aspiring Esper
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey, I'm EnderDurant, and I am fandom trash!
Some of my favourite fandoms are Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Danganronpa, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Doctor Who (Only seen the newest season) Series of Unfortunate Events, Prey (2017), The Witch's House, Ib, Stranger Things, My Hero Academia, Madoka Magica, and Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou!

Things I feel like talking about right now: Mob Psycho 100, Danganronpa, My Hero Academia, Voltron, Series of Unfortunate Events, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter

Gundam Tanaka Stamp by Birdinator Danganronpa Stamp by MargothMegurine Hinata Hajime stamp by MSN1412 Danganronpa Stamp by ECILA-ALICE Junko Stamp by MargothMegurine Dangan Ronpa Stamp by Ryxedieos SDR2 Stamp by Ryxedieos Stamp - [ Gundham Tanaka ] by tanakass Seiko Stamp by Mew-lover-the-Cat Pearl Stamp by TheMoonRaven Kiyotaka Ishimaru by asta-roth Voltron: Shiro Stamp by araignee-cafe Chishimaru (Chihiro x Ishimaru) Stamp by misawafujisaki Voltron: Pidge/Katie Stamp by araignee-cafe Voltron: Keith Stamp by araignee-cafe Voltron: Lance Stamp by araignee-cafe Voltron: Hunk Stamp by araignee-cafe Oh quiznak stamp by moonlight-rhythm Uraraka Ochako | Stamp by PuniPlush Shouto Todoroki Stamp by Azulnieve-pro Stamp: Uraraka Ochaco #2 (Boku no Hero Academia) by SwiftCloud04 Iida Tenya - Stamp by Replica-sensei Boku no Hero Academia - Iida by Aviiffa Stamp-Iida-Personal by Elizabeth1kun Sondam (Sonia x Gundam) Stamp by misawafujisaki Steven Universe Stamp by univrs A Series of Unfortunate Events STAMP by ViaKPC A Series of Unfortunate Events STAMP 2 by ViaKPC A Series of Unfortunate Events Cake Sniffer Stamp by rockettreverie Do-it-for-barb by seagaull

My fav characters: Gundam Tanaka Stamp by Birdinator Voltron: Shiro Stamp by araignee-cafe Voltron: Pidge/Katie Stamp by araignee-cafe Iida Tenya - Stamp by Replica-sensei Pearl Stamp by TheMoonRaven Chishimaru (Chihiro x Ishimaru) Stamp by misawafujisaki Seiko Stamp by Mew-lover-the-Cat A Series of Unfortunate Events STAMP by ViaKPC A Series of Unfortunate Events STAMP 2 by ViaKPC

(Pagedolls made by MommyAnn)

See you around!


I feel kinda dumb singing/mouthing along with the MP100 OP because it's literally counting lol
I'm doing some animation and im not following my sketches at all lol
I think i missed a whole episode of MP100 when I watched it the first time??? I don't remember anything from episode 9 lol
Ritsu Kageyama ft. Dimple (Phone Drawing) - MP100
I actually really like how this one looks :P The pose is better than the last one and the lighting is alright too :) Ritsu is my favourite character from MP100, although Mob is pretty great too. It was fun drawing him, especially his spikey hair :P
shipping costs are so high to get things in canada ;.;
there's so much good mp100 fanart on dA!! :D <3
i found a really good (totally not a joke) bnha song
wait did i forget to watch the new bnha episode? one came out on saturday but i can't remember if i watched it

stolen from Koymija 

[] You smile at strangers 
[] You are a social butterfly
[] You laugh at least five times a day 
[] You ask to pet strangers' dogs 
[] You have a pet (It left) ;-;
[] You have hung out with a friend this week 
[] People compliment you often
[] You like babies 
[] You love skinship (holding hands, hugs, etc.)
[] You admire yourself in the mirror at least once a week 

💛Joy Total: 0 lol

[X] You cry easily 
[] You have/had depression 
[X] You've been to a funeral
[] You wish you had/didn't have siblings 
[X] You watch sad videos/listen to sad music solely for the purpose to cry
[~] You aren't happy with your body 
[] You've had suicidal thoughts 
[X] You feel tired often
[] You get grades you aren't happy with 
[] You don't have a skill/hobby

💙Sadness Total: 4.5

[] You have a bad temper 
[] You punch things when you're angry 
[] You can't stand a certain person 
[] You rant often 
[X] You sometimes get so frustrated you want to cry (i cry when im mad)
[] You get angry over little things 
[] You hate school 
[] You have to take deep breathes to calm yourself down
[X] You roll your eyes often 
[] You get called 'rude' or 'mean' often 

❤️Anger Total: 7.5

[] You can't sleep without a night light 
[X] You're often paranoid about being watched 
[X] You jump when you hear loud sounds
[] You won't go in the deep end of the pool 
[X] You dislike going on amusement park rides 
[] You hate going on planes
[X] You shake/shiver when you're scared
[] You cannot sleep when they are dolls in the room 
[] You've been called a 'scaredy cat'
[] You can't go in haunted houses 

💜Fear Total: 11.5

[X] You gag when you smell something bad (too much it's like a problem lol)
[X] You're a picky eater 
[X] You can't handle the sight of guts/blood 
[] You hate it when people wear bad outfits
[X] You say 'ew' often 
[X] You get motion sickness easily 
[~] You hate babies because "they're gross" (not hate, just don't really like them)
[X] Cheesy romance movies make you cringe
[X] You dislike greasy food (yeah they're really gross)
[] You have more than two phobias 
💚Disgust Total: 19

💖Overall Total: 19
Now multiply your total by 2
💝New total: 38
Label this with your new total 'I Am __% Emotional'
Another Phone Drawing
Idk, I wanted to practice lighting. :) I'm pretty happy with the colouring but the lines are kinda weird and Shigeo's post looks pretty stiff..

(Dawn in medibang paint on iPhone)
1 deviation
i was drawing an animated thing, and it was going well, but I had quite a few layers/frame and it's making my computer lag and the program crashed a few times, so idk if I'll be posting it - ill see if i can get it to work later (it was of ritsu from mp100)
Phone Drawing - Mob Psycho 100
I was bored and felt like drawing but not with my tablet, so I drew with my phone :P I'm really happy with how the hand turned out, and the outline thing. Hope you like it :) (also I started a Ritsu drawing with some sort-of animation, will probably be posting that sometime :P)

Also! Please no spoilers for the manga/comic, I haven't read it
I got a mob psycho shirt form hot topic and it's AWESOME! :P

Shirt by EnderDurant this is the shirt design
do you like when people change their icons frequently, of do you prefer if they keep the same one? (I like changing mine lots, but I'd like to see your opinions :))
i've been watching a lot more anime recently, and it's really fun drawing in their styles :P
when you're watching a show and want to not watch the whole thing at once so it will not end right away but you also really really want to see what happens next
Deku! (Izuku Midoriya) - Small Animation
Animation takes forever, even if it's something simple like this. I pretty much spent the whole day making it xD (~9 hours?)

However, I think it was worth it for this result, since it's pretty cute I think ^^ Also I enjoyed drawing it, apart from copy-pasting and switching layers around over and over and over and over and over... lol

Hope you like it!! Please don't use this one, without credit right by it, since I put a lot of work into it! Thanks!

(also the first frame is him when he sees Uraraka :P)
im doing an animation :O it's pretty fun, although it takes a long time :P

(it's just blowing hair, and a facial expression change, but it's cute i think :P)



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